Day 1 – Lavender & Orange

My setup (roughly). I didn’t have much time to work on this today. That lavender brocade fabric was from Wilson’s Antiques. Found it yesterday and loved how it shimmered. Supposedly a bedspread. I knew I wanted to pair it with some kind of screaming orangey-yellows. Right at mid-day the sun is coming in directly; when I shot this photo most of it was in shadow already. I only had time to start drawing in 2 or 3 shapes. I figure that’s the way to go — get the shapes all drawn in and when the sun is right, paint those spots. Years ago I had done a painting like that, depending on a specific time to get the shadows and highlights. I remember having to be in the studio, brush in hand, colors mixed, right at 12:45 to see the shadow line falling “just so”. Here’s the painting:

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