Day 8: Nameless Shapes; Nameless Colors

Someone once said they loved math because it’s so precise. Well, painting (at least to me) is just the opposite. How could one describe the shape of a petal? Or a color as it enters a shadow? I’m addicted to painting for its indescribable qualities. I remember the time when I was on my first date about 100 years ago. I was 18 and we went to see the movie “Hawaii”. Afterwards my date was going on and on about the plot. Plot? A PLOT??? Movies had a plot? Honestly — until then I was more like some kind of a dog when I went to movies, sitting there in the dark, observing people on the big screen coming and going, saying things, doing things. I’d just sit there in a kind of relaxed stupor, parsing things out, amused by the wonderous spectacles before me, enjoying the comfortable seat, surrounded by friendly strangers in the dark. Painting, for me, is kind of a similar experience, looking at strange, nameless shapes and enjoying the mystery of unnamable colors. Just call me dog-brain.

How could you tell somebody exactly how to paint this kind of stuff?

Day 8 — and it’s starting to come together. Thank goodness.

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