“Make the Bed?”

“Make the Bed?” — oil on canvas 36 x 36″ by Margie Guyot

I’m calling this done. That’s a portrait of Mr. Wonderful, who came into my life as a “Post Office kitty”, one of 4 babies left in a box. He’s flourished here, spending his days snoozing in the studio, getting up occasionally to mooch cat treats from me. He’d gone through a period of wandering next door to the neighbors’ and raising hell with their cats. I used the Silva Method of Mind Control on him, warning him that he’s to stay within sight of the house….the neighbors would SHOOT him next time they’d see him. They wouldn’t, actually, cut it was good to make him think that. Now he’s very mellow.

Yes — that chenille bedspread was just a bitch to do! Especially the fringe. Well, it was that or go mow the lawn or pull weeds or lay the stone walkway. I took occasional painting breaks to do those tasks and “clear my mind”.

A friend had given me a copy of “Leonardo” by Walter Isaacson that inspired me to paint this. I’d seen a photo of one of Leonardo’s early paintings of folds of cloth and took it as a kind of challenge. Of course the type of cloth I ended up using was far different. Then there was mention in the book about one of his paintings having a rather circular composition. Aha! That’s what I used to pull the eye back up into the painting — having the bottom edge of the chenille bedspread swirling around and up. Anyway, it was fun!

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