Day 3: That Bedspread

Life wasn’t enough of a struggle — I had to add this chenille bedspread. Somewhere in this house I’ve got a polka-dot one. It would have been easier, but nooooo! Struggle was on today’s agenda. Otherwise it just gets boring. I tossed the spread onto the table and started “digging in”. It looked pretty “iffy” in the beginning, but my recent days of laying a stone pathway out in the yard had toughened me up for just about anything.

By the end of the day I was actually enjoying it! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

1 Comment

  1. YAY! When I first saw that spread, I said, “Margie, why don’t you paint that! It is so pretty.” Glad you “received my message.” Can’t wait. It is so bright and joyful.


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