Oh Happy Day!

“Oh Happy Day!” — oil on canvas 36 x 36″ by Margie Guyot

Is a painting ever really finished? This is actually a re-do of a previous painting. Originally it had a ceramic fox. It’s hung on my living room wall several years and every time I looked at it, it bothered me. Can’t exactly say why. So one day last week I took it back out to the studio to change things.

Here’s the original:

Good-by, Foxie!

Of course I had to add my 3 beloved cats. Mr. Wonderful (the mackerel tabby in the middle) started out being painted way too small, like a little kitty, so he ended up being painted 3 times before IU got him to the right size. He’s a big boy. That’s little Bernie Sanders, the Siamese, in the back. And Picasso (my #1 boy) is in the foreground. Oh, and the plant? It’s one of my orchid cacti. Why settle for a pothos when you can have something spectacular?


Next I decided to paint out Mr. Fox, enlarge the table and extend the tablecloth.

Then I added some bowls of cat food and cream, a ball of yard for Bernie and some stalks of fresh catnip. Every day here is A Happy Day for my cats.

“Oh Happy Day!” — oil on canvas 36 x 36″ by Margie Guyot


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