Starting ANOTHER Zinnia painting

The other day I took an alternate route back from Petoskey and stopped in at a junk shop in Walloon Lake. Found this gorgeous tablecloth and knew it’d be great in a painting. This is my setup (above). Those zinnias are actually silk. I just love them. I think this is my 4th or 5th painting with them. Who knew a series could be such fun?

Of course it looks dismal, but they all look that way in the beginning. Here’s how it looked after about the first hour. Zinnias were basically circle shapes that start out as simple boxes.

And here’s how it looked several hours later. At least now I know where things are and where the folds and wrinkles of the tablecloth are. I kept Mr. Wonderful in the house today, or he’d have been sprawled across the table, rearranging everything.

And this is how things looked at the end of Day 1. I think it might turn out OK…..


  1. Magie, I LOVE THIS!!! There is the gorgeous glass! … I love the delicate print on the table cloth. This is going to be stunning! When I hear you talk about going “junking,” it makes me want to tag along.


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