Vicissitudes of the Still Life Painter

As if it wasn’t hard enough to paint this setup, Mr. Wonderful insists upon snoozing right in the middle of it! I wish he’d find another spot to take his naps, like Picasso here, over in his bear chair.

I love my boys, but sometimes they’re a handful, endlessly begging Momcat for treats. Complain, complain! And then there’s the rare sunny day. Rather annoying. It creates a whole new set of problems for the still life painter. All of a sudden there are blindingly-bright patches of sun and deep shadows. The colors are all different. I did what I could today to try to at least lay in some of the fabric design.

When I get back to this, those soft, rolling fabric folds will be sharp creases, smashed flat by Mr. Wonderful. Day 2 below….

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