More Pink Zinnias

Howling winds! Blowing snow! Thunder, lighting and rain! We had it all today. T’was a perfect day to be hunkered down in the studio. I started this one yesterday but only worked on it for about an hour, so it didn’t look like much more than hen-scratchings. Tripped out with a friend to cruise an estate sale way out in the boondocks. They had a mounted 9-foot tall grizzly bear that I’d give my eyeteeth for, but my ceilings are too low. Doggone. So today it was nose-to-the-grindstone, listening to opera and watching the crazy weather. I love these zinnias! Silk, snagged in a junk shop last spring. I’m doing a series of paintings with them. That fabric is just a bitch but I love a good struggle.

And here was out sunset tonight in Eastport:

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