Dark, Nasty and Wet

“Early December – Vermeersch Road” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

We’ve had days and days of dark, gloomy weather. I’d wanted to go painting, but would talk myself out of it. Who wants to buy dark, depressing winter paintings? But today I woke up in a wild & spunky mood. I was going out painting (dammit!) and if it’s dark and nasty, then I’ll make dark and nasty paintings! Part of the reason I was in such a good mood was that I was finally able to put on shoes and socks for the first time in about 2 months! I’d fallen and broken my kneecap and couldn’t bend my leg. I’d been schlepping around in bedroom slippers until now. So I’m basically pretty full of piss & vinegar these days.

We’d had a little snow, but last night most of it melted. Which is kind of good, I think. It left a few interesting blobs of snow. I saw inside my truck to paint and it was a good thing: several rain squalls rolled through. Here’s what it looks like when I’m painting inside the truck:

I celebrated painting a “good” one with a cup of coffee and a peanut butter sandwich, then drove around a little while and found an interesting trail that ran off Kidder Road.

“Trail off Kidder Road” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

I loved the patches of melting snow on this path! Maybe sometime I’ll be daring (or foolhardy?) and drive up that path to see where it goes. Anyway, here’s my setup:

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