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Doesn’t this remind you of “The Little Shop of Horrors”? This is a closeup detail of the still life I began today. I love shells and couldn’t resist starting to paint them first. My best shells have come from estate or garage sales. I grew up in Iowa, on the Wapsipinnicon River, where the only shells I found were flat and quite boring.

Here’s how things looked at the end of Day 1. I had to stop at one point and go down to the corner store and buy a cheap jar of peanut butter so I could start “running the mice” again. Cold, wet weather has returned and all the varmints are moving into my studio building. Naughty little beasts want to chew up my canvases, so one must be vigilant.

Here’s what I’m looking down on. The butterfly collections are from a Facebook Marketplace ad. It was worth the drive all the way to Northport to get them. I was listening to Interlochen Public Radio all day and especially enjoyed this piece, “Concerto for Birds and Orchestra”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLjXgV-Mhp0

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