Late Afternoon – Bennett Hill Road

“Late Afternoon — Bennett Hill Road” — plein air field study on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

It’s always a mad rush as the seasons change, trying to garden, plant things — and paint, of course. I’d been trying to dig weeds out of a big flower bed for days. After spending most of today digging and rooting around in the dirt, I decided to say the hell with it, pop an Aleve and go out painting. The clouds were gorgeous, but as usual, they were starting to take over by the time I finally got out to paint. I love this spot (the corner of Bennett Hill Road and Farrel Road) and have painted it many times, in all kinds of weather. The fall colors are just beginning to show here in NW Michigan. The goldenrod and Queen Anne’s lace are fading. By the time I got home with this, the clouds had completely taken over. Hmmmm… I’ve worked like a dawg. I think tonight will be a pizza night!

My setup….

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