Still Life with Cat

“Still Life with Cat” — oil on canvas — 30 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

Can you find the cat? As soon as I set this up, Mr. Wonderful jumped up onto the table and declared this spot HIS (upper right). He camped out there most of the time while I painted. I threw this assemblage together, using some of my beloved treasures from estate sales and Goodwill. It’s got a kind of a “butterfly-moth” motif running throughout, inspired by the antique brass moth vase (center). The cut-out butterfly lamp is quite the booger to paint, but will I stop painting it? Naaaaaaah! The first 100,000 times are the hardest; after that it’s a snap! The orange-striped glasses may look a little familiar. I’ve used them many times. The stripes fascinate me. Horrible, yet wonderful. They’e boogers to paint, too. Everything is. At times I thought my eyes would fall out, painting all those dots in that fabric. But it’s been a blessed break from pulling weeds in my garden on those hot days.

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