Poor Little Foxy

My My set

Green beans — I’d really planned on planting green beans on Saturday morning. I’d had a package in my hand two days before, but do you think I could find them on Saturday? I looked everywhere. Rats! I drove down 31 to Pine Hill Nursery to buy another pack. Along the way, I spied this poor, little fox. Deader than a doornail. And alas — Pine Hill was sold out of green beans! But I remembered little foxy. I pulled to the side of the road, waited for traffic to clear, then scampered across to nab him. As I was crossing, along came a car. I bet he got a good laugh. There I was grinning like I’d won the Lotto, carrying a roadkill fox by the tail.

Of course I was going to paint him! Still pretty decent — the flies hadn’t found him yet. I laid him in the dappled shade under the larch by the garage. Looking down at him, I envisioned a kind of “Wildlife Jackson Pollock”. Worked like a fiend — the day was hot and he wasn’t getting any fresher. Flies were having a feast. I’ll spare you the photo. Every once in a while I could hear a kind of crunching, chewing noise. Pretty disgusting, but I suppose I have a high tolerance for grossness, having learned to clean fish at age 7.

By 4 PM I was whupped. Had the fox basically painted. Put him in the compost pile. No sense wasting a perfectly good fox!

Today I left the fox where he was but moved the painting back outside to try to start creating the dappled grass. It’s trickier than you’d think! I’ll try to get back at it tomorrow. Here’s how it looks today:

Sorry about the My my set (above) — WordPress changed something and I can’t remove it. Argh! I give up!

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