Veggies and Thickets

“Cauliflower – Brain Food!” — work in progress

Where to even start? I’ve got 4 studio paintings going, waiting for various things to dry so I can finish. This is the latest in the veggie series. Actually, it’s my excuse for practicing working on painting portraits and hands. Yesterday it looked so horrible I couldn’t post it! But here it is….

First day of the cauliflower painting. Oh, how hideous!

Here’s a shot of all 4 paintings in various stages:

And of course I just had to step out of the studio this afternoon to do a plein air landscape of the view in back of my swamp. Just for fun. Anything to escape the fingers and flesh tones! It was pretty chilly — about 43 degrees and foggy. I wore my heavy down coat, expecting to get rained out at any moment. The view back there is a tangled mess of fallen ash trees. The emerald ash borers have killed all the ash trees. The ash used to soak up all the water but since they died, it’s become a quagmire. I’ve been planting willows and tamaracks, but it’ll probably take years to dry up. Here’s my setup:

“Tangle in the Swamp” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

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