Works in Progress: the Veggie Series

Eat Yer Rutabagas!

I’m waiting for the background to dry before finishing. This yellow color in the background is not photographing well. Excuses, excuses! In the meantime, I began sketching in another “veggie-themed” painting, having to do with kale.

Sometimes the first day is kinda rough…..
Still a ways to go on this one.

Well, it’s been a weird year. Or has it been two? Seems like it! Self-isolation has been generally pleasant. With all the emphasis on health and healthy-living, it’s inspired me to begin a series of veggie-themed paintings. Mostly I’m doing them to practice my portrait skills. And hand-drawing skills. I just park in front of a mirror and have at it. It’s fun! Someday they’ll be fighting over these….

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