A Metamorphosis…

There was something about the original version of this painting that just seemed too blah. A few days ago I decided to paint a completely different vase. Then I decided to change the tablecloth. It also was just too blah! I chose this old Hippie tie-dyed bedspread because the colors seemed to jive with the pot. And the sky is one of those “spotty” skies. I thought the cloth echoed the spotty feel. It may need to be darkened up a tad yet. Then I noticed I had two light sources — oh, the horror! The horror! The background landscape had the setting sun on the right. But the vase was lit from the left. Egads. That kind of thing drives me berserk! So I repainted the vase this afternoon. Everything’s quite ooey-gooey, so I’ll try to wrap this up after it has a chance to dry a bit.

The original version is below:

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