The Struggle is Real….

The sun had shone; the snow had melted. Last week I traded my brushes for a pair of lopers. Apple trees needed pruning. Flower beds needed raking. Uh-oh — sciatica showed up again. Started physical therapy on Friday. Then winter returned, which was kind of a blessing. Then a friend showed me an artist’s very colorful quilts. Zowee! The colors! That was enough to get me to start another rose painting today,

I must admit it: drawing it all in is rather like trying to park a large vehicle in a tight spot on a busy street in the snow. I saw this on Facebook the other day, captioned The Struggle is Real. Drawing can be like this.

I learned years ago to be careful about drawing in the composition. Otherwise half your painting could be sliding off the canvas! I’d done that more than once. So patience, patience! Once I figured out where each rose belonged, I started mushing in the darker areas.

I’ve said it often: the key to making a successful painting is learning to control your panic! Here’s how things looked at the end of the afternoon:

End of first day…..

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