Bears – Day 3

Chugging along on this one. Painting time was cut short by a couple of spur-of-the-moment errand trips. The top part is blank yet because I’m still mulling things over. Some artists plan paintings out in entirety before ever picking up a brush, doing intricate, detailed drawings. I’ve never done that. Hell — I was a music major. But then I read how most novelists start writing, not knowing how their story will end. A comfort, that. Usually I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, “seeing” a solution.


  1. Just another form of improvisation!

    I have a question (since I find your posts to be a window into the mind of an artist – which I am not!). Why do you setup your model so that you have to look down on it instead of having it more where you look “at” it? I first wondered why you were doing that with the bears. Then, I realize this is your normal setup.

    Thanks for sharing! I love them!!


    1. Ha! I AM looking “at” it when I look down on it! The hardest time was when I was painting something that was set up right next to my hip, almost in back of me. Had to turn & look down on it. I can’t tell you why I like working at this angle. Otherwise it’d be like painting things that were all lined up on a windowsill. That would drive me nuts.


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