Slugging Away….

Oh dear — that poor woman. Struggles continue each day, copying drawings of the masters. Maybe I will improve over time. Only recently have I learned there are “rules” for drawing heads. Where the eyebrows, nose & chin fit, etc. None of that stuff was mentioned in art class where I drew up. During the 60’s art class was basically “supervised playing with art materials”. My high school art teacher was only interested in abstract art; I wanted to paint realism. So I irritated him to no end. When he found out I was also in band — he took a real dislike to me, saying I couldn’t be in both band and art. He was fat and had a crewcut. Whistled through his nose when he breathed. It was the late 60’s. He was so gross! I quit art in a huff and majored in music out of spite. Ah — many things can be accomplished out of spite….

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