Fox in Winter

“Fox in Winter” — oil on canvas 12 x 24″ by Margie Guyot

This is the year for experimenting in the studio! About 10 days ago I pitched my easel along the creek in back of my studio and did a plein air. Here’s my setup:

Yesterday I wondered if I could do a slightly larger painting of it — with a little red fox crossing the log. I wish I could tell you it was fun, but my brushes are all too big for tiny, delicate work.

Yes, there are foxes around here. I don’t see as many since I got rid of the chickens. One day I noticed Picasso (my favorite cat) running as fast as he could down the driveway. Not 10 feet in back of him was a fox! He escaped, thank goodness. He and the fox were about the same size. Maybe the fox wanted to play.

The creek continues to fascinate me. I’ll have to set up out there again soon.

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  1. Looking good! You the fox right. Must have been fun to paint.

    I took some time to weave this morning then , when it warmed up, to work in the orchard.. we’ve staked out where the 42 apple and pear tress should be planted so now I’m ready to dig giant holes to accommodate the gopher baskets. The trees I’ve grown for a year are about 6 feet tall. I’m looking forward to getting them planted. I’m not going to prune those trees just yet. Nursery’s tell people to prune them down to knee height but the guy from Skillcult shows a better way to get a. Tree with the right scaffolding.

    A little chilly here, but still nice in the sun.

    My weaving is coming along nicely.I’ll attach a photo.

    Hope you have another nice painting day in your swamp.




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