Day 5: Lotsa Masks

Masks from Peru, Mexico and Africa decorate the entrance to both my house and studio. I love them! They remind me of of fun times in Peru and Mexico. After watching “Frida” a few nights ago, I decided what the heck –– I’m going to go hog-wild and use them in the background. I added a troll doll (it looks quite possessed!) and my favorite pig as well. All reminders of happy times. Piggie always gives me that sweet, sympathetic smile. Much appreciated in this crazy year!

And here are my dear cats, heading out to “help” me in the studio. Actually, they’re going out to bug the hell out of me for cat treats. Blissful Catnip. Total addicts!

1 Comment

  1. Love the cats! … and bottle trees. Winter Wonderfuland! (yep – I know that it a made up word, but I kind of like it.) and why didn’t we know that the portrait would not stope with a portrait, some pie, and a turkey. FUN!


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