The Latest Struggle

I wouldn’t quite call this done yet. I’ve been struggling with it for the past week. I’d gotten to this point (below) last week and realized there were just a ton of problems. For one, the “circles” needed to flatten out more as they receded. Even though I’d been standing and looking down on my setup, if I stood back and looked at my canvas, things just didn’t look right. I’d been in a big hurry and slopped on the circles, using thick paint. I tried scraping it off with a razor, but the paint was hardened and I feared slashing the canvas. Oh well — one of my “lessons learned”. Then I didn’t like the composition.

How it looked last week.

When in doubt, add a shell or two…. Besides shells and widening the cloth at the bottom left, I put in a few more wrinkles and another orchid spray. Sometimes it was so aggravating, I had to go out plein air painting a few times to clear my head.

Remember the troll dolls? I nearly put this one in. Hmmm….. Naaaaaaaaa…..

So that’s it for now…..

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