When You’ve Got the Itch….

“Morning on Peebles Road” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel by Margie Guyot

… you just gotta scratch! Lately I’ve had a tormenting itch to do some plein air paintings. The problem has been the weather. I’ll look out the window and see blue sky, but just let me load my gear into the truck and whamo — dark, brooding skies! This morning the sky was gorgeous: kind of a pale viridian, with puffs of smoky lavender clouds scudding by. Usually I move slowly in the mornings, but today I perked up and took off.

Peebles Road is one of my favorite spots to paint. It’s just south of Essex Road, on the way to Ellsworth. I wonder if the people who live right around here appreciate this gorgeous view. I parked on the side of the road and sat inside the truck to paint. It’s a bit chilly and why suffer needlessly? Two minor rain events passed over while I painted. It’s the week before Thanksgiving and all the leaves have fallen. There’s still a bit of color left in the grass and hints of rust in the distant larches. Several deer hunters passed by, reminding me once again it’s a good idea to sit inside the truck for the time-being.

Maybe I should aim to do more early-morning paintings. Now the sky is completely gray. Rain coming!

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