Day 3: Pumpkins and Shadows

I frittered away the morning, buying a couple more hardy chrysanthemums and setting up Possum House #2 out in the swamp. One must take care of one’s night visitors!

I must admit I was torn between going into the studio and going out plein air painting. It was such a sunny, delightful day! But my adoring cats were here. They wanted Momcat to stay home and toss them little treats now and then, so I stayed home and worked on the pumpkins again. A few more sunny days are in this week’s forecast, so maybe I’ll go out then.

Meanwhile, that big pumpkin on the right was a hoot to paint. It has the strangest “thingies” on its skin! The shadows are kind of tentative at this point. The sky kept moving; the shadows kept moving. You non-painters have no idea how fast that sun moves! It’s supposed to be dark and rainy tomorrow, so all the colors will be different. Maybe I can figure out my pinks…..


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