Day 6: Adding the Doo-Dads

Yes, I could have made things a lot easier for myself if I’d painted the fabric in a solid color. On the one hand, I could almost hear a little voice insisting Keep it simple, Stupid! Ah, but I’m daring. I could never forget what the great wildlife artist, Robert Bateman, told our class. “Never be afraid to experiment. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, then you ruined something that you really weren’t all that happy with anyway.” He proceeded to show our class how he’d mixed a thin glaze of white acrylic paint and poured it all over a painting of an owl. He knew it could have spoiled it, but it turned out wonderful, giving the painting a hint of foggy atmosphere. Here’s his “Fallen Willow – Snowy Owl”:

My other revered teacher, Clyde Aspevig, also encouraged us to experiment. You learn a lot by experimenting.

When I put together this setup, it was that wild, colorful fabric that I loved. So why not try it?

Almost done! A few more dibs & dabs to go….

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