Day 4 – Plugging Along

Kind of a busy day, beginning with hanging a bunch of paintings in an art fair booth over in East Jordan. From there I drove around for another three hours, stopping to do plein air landscape paintings before noon. Came home for lunch (2 hot dogs!), then remembered I had a load of laundry to do and there were green beans, zucchini and cherry tomatoes that needed to be picked. Turned on the sprinkler and returned to the studio to work on this still life. Two hours later I remembered the sprinkler. Then I zipped back to the art fair to put my paintings into the truck for the night. But was I done? Of course not. I swung by to one of my favorite plein air spots for a 4th quickie of the day. Dinner was a bowl of ice cream, followed by dessert: standing out in my blueberry patch in my nightgown, gobbling blueberries and calling the cats in for the night. The fun just never ends!

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