Paintusinterruptus — Day 3

The day started out with an early-morning swoop down to Elk Rapids to paw through an estate sale. I’m always looking for interesting, weird things to paint. But this was kind of a disappointment. All sensible stuff. But I did get a nice pitchfork and a large chunk of particle board to lay down on my swamp path.

It was hot again (90!) and I put on my grubby painting clothes and settled down in the studio. I’d meant to go out at twilight last night and look at the lawn for ideas, but I was in bed by 8:30. Still light out. Instead, I hopped out of bed at 5 this morning and took my coffee out to look at the lawn. It’s full of white clover, the leaves reflecting the blue tones of the sky. So I started painting those in this afternoon.

Then the phone rang. Could I bring some florals up to the Charlevoix Circle of Art? Of course! I’m “lousy with florals”, as they say. I somehow managed to escape the horrible bridge traffic backup. While in town I picked up a length of gutter and more suet for the woodpeckers. So it was a productive trip. Which puts me into a good mood for painting.

Besides painting in the clover, I darkened up the white fur on the cats. After all, it IS supposed to be a twilight scene. Darkened up the fur on little Bernie Sanders, the Siamese. It’s surprising how dark he’s become over the last 5 years.

Picasso (the black & white one) began clawing at the studio door about 5. Mom! It’s time to quit! What would I do without my cat friends?

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