Fun with Oranges

My setup.

The fun thing about being an artist is that we tend to notice the most fascinating ordinary things! yesterday when peeling an orange for lunch, I looked at it in the sink and had to marvel at it. Oh! I must paint this! But I didn’t get to it until today. OK, I admit it: I was one of the many fools who went on the “corona virus toilet paper-hunting quest”. Sigh. It was useless, of course, but I did at least get to load up on kale.

I laid my setup on the studio floor this morning and began drawing in, looking straight down. I’d suffered far too many days trying to paint a gigantic sheep painting, using a black & white photo as reference. Ugh! So this was a lark! I left for a while to go to an estate sale (and got all kinds of cool crap!), but I returned, refueled with hi-test coffee and painted to my heart’s content.

Stay tuned for more in my “peeled orange” series! This was fun!

“Peeled Orange #1” — oil on canvas 10 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

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