Wild Turkeys

“Wild Turkeys” — oil on canvas 30 x 40″ by Margie Guyot

This is a familiar sight up in northern Michigan. Usually two or three hen turkeys will team up, herding their brood through the woods – and along the roads. My cats always get excited, envisioning a nice snack of baby turkey. But those hens are fierce! None of my cats has ever managed to taste wild turkey yet. They wait in the distance, drooling.

I don’t remember where this spot was. I painted this from a small field study I’d done last summer. Notice the 8×10″ painting above.

When it translated out to the large painting, I thought things looked a little bare. It needed something. A turtle crossing the road? A pair of fleshy nymphs being chased by a satry? As soon as I walked into the studio yesterday morning I knew it had to be turkeys.

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