Duct Tape Banana #2

My setup for “Duct Tape Banana #2”

My muse is a hot shower. Yesterday morning while luxuriating in streams of hot water I saw “the fateful hand pulling the duct tape”. It became my Mission of the Day! Purist that I am, I generally abhor painting from photos, yet I knew how slow-going it would have been to try to paint my right hand. I’ve done it before: strike a pose, stare at it, grab a brush & peck away at it — back and forth like that for hours. While listening to politicians arguing during impeachment debate, no less! I spared myself some needless agony and snapped a photo. And listened to CDs most of the time.

A quick peek outside the studio: 13 degrees, howling winds and lotsa snow!
“Duct Tape Banana #2″ — oil on canvas 20 x 20” by Margie Guyot

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