Day 2 – Slugging Away

On Day 1 was the typical dark, gloomy stuff (a.k.a. “suicide weather”}. The weather forecast had called for days of the same. But surprise, surprise: day 2 was a gloriously bright, sunny day. Shocking. Which changed everything: the colors, shapes, light/shadow patterns. Even the lilies opened up a little — or died a little. But still, a day in the studio is always a relatively good day. I managed to cover all the surfaces and get the lilies drawn in (more or less). I ended up using a small filbert (size 2?) to draw in the flowers because of their intricacy. 99% of the time I use a #4 flat, but it was just a bit too cloddy and frayed for navigating all the delicate squiggles. A secret only a few close friends know: I usually paint all day long with just 1 brush. Why? I dislike cleaning brushes….

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