“Margie’s Tea Room”

“Margie’s Tea Room” — oil on canvas 48 x 60″ by Margie Guyot

Inspired by the impeachment hearings on the radio! The world is just one crazy place, ain’t it? There’s nothing like listening to lawyers arguing to remind you of how nutty some people are! I had no idea how this would end up. Every day I’d see something in the house or the studio to add. Or invent! I believe in cutting people a lot of slack, so I have many different & unusual friends. Some of the faces in this are of real people; some are invented. It was interesting, doing the hands and fingers. I ended up holding a mirror and looking at my hand to see how things are arranged. More than once I realized I’d drawn in a thumb on the wrong side of somebody’s hand!

I could peck on this one for months, revising, but I’m sick of looking at it for now. I picked up 2 bunches of white lilies for a super-cheap price at the grocery store today — and that’s a sign to start something new!

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