Day 1 — Back to the Sheep

Day 1 – A good start

Last Friday I looked at my calendar and marveled — it was blank for the week ahead! A miracle! But that didn’t last long. It quickly careened into a crazy week with 2 and 3 different appointments, happenings every day. Friends dropped by, galleries wanted paintings schlepped back and forth, show openings, etc. It probably wasn’t the best week to get my shingles shot, either. Besides a sore arm, I felt extremely exhausted all week. I’d crash into bed by 7 PM. We haven’t had rain around here in over a month, I had to drag out the old hose every day for hours. No time to actually pick up a paintbrush all week! Today I made up for it, starting a new painting of some of my friend Rusty’s Scottish Blackface Sheep. I’d taken a few photos a couple weeks ago and printed one out in black & white and used it for a reference.

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  1. I love this! …. and think i like the sheep a lot just starkly on the canvas. … no background. They are really handsome animals.


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