Nap Time!

“Nap Time” — oil on canvas 36 x 36″ by Margie Guyot

Inspiration for this painting came from the “cement lion” I found at Then & Now, up in Petoskey. It was lurking in a dark corner, piled with stuff, looking quite lonely. Take me home and put me in a painting!

The carpet is really one of those thin, hippie-era, Madras-dye bedspreads. Old and faded — aren’t we all? — but it brings me joy. Such pretty colors, happy flowers and birdies help turn my attention away from politics, global warming, etc.

Forty years ago I snagged the claw-footed oak chair in a garage sale. Aha! — a motif of feline feet ricocheting around! Whatta hoot! Maybe I’ll go to hell for using photo references, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Mr. Chair was upstairs in the house and weighs about half a ton. The camera saved my back. Guess I’m not always so much of a purist. Sciatica’s been rearing its ugly head lately.

And the cats! My dear babies. My wonderful friends. From the top: Bernie Sanders, a little Siamese I found on Craigslist. On the left, my #1 favorite, Picasso (a.k.a. “Tommy Picasso”), snatched from the middle of Old Dixie Highway ten years ago. And on the right is Mr. Wonderful, my post office rescue cat.

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