Apple Tree, Early June

Nothing like painting on a beautiful June afternoon in an orchard with a friend, a good cup of coffee, and a few friendly cats!

Once the ground thaws, painting takes a back seat for a while. I decided years ago to not feel guilty about letting flower-planting once Spring finally arrives. Yesterday my friend, Lori Feldpausch, cajoled me into dropping my shovel and picking up my brushes. It’s always a painter’s dream to do a “marvelous orchard in bloom” painting —- and yet so difficult to pull off!

Mr. Wonderful and Picasso camping out underneath my easel. Bees buzzing loudly overhead.

I noticed this view the other day and had been thinking about attempting to paint it. Normally I keep my plein air work limited to small sizes, like 8×10″ because the light changes so quickly. But today I used a 27×27″ birch panel that fits an interesting “Adirondack-style” frame I’d found in a consignment shop. Never thought I’d be able to finish this in one swoop, but here it is. Someday they’ll be fighting over this….

“Apple Tree — Early June” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 27 x 27″ by Margie Guyot.

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