A Bit of Tweaking to Go

Almost done with this. It’s been an endless string of interruptions this past week. Visits to the dentist, chiropractor, plus schlepping paintings around to galleries. Most of the snow has finally melted. Crocus are blooming! Turkey vultures circle overhead. The start of construction has begun on a small potting shed south of my orchard. Birdhouses cleaned and hung. Over the winter a naughty meadow vole had girdled my sixty-foot long row of blackberries, so I had to trim them all off. Maybe they’ll regrow. Weeded as best as I could, then mulched it all with the cardboard I’d been hoarding out in the garage. Ancient split rail fence sections were hauled out of the woods to hold the cardboard down. Ah, springtime! Painting time has been somewhat limited. But that’s to be expected.

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