Tulips – And Procrastination

“Pink Tulips on a Vintage Blanket” – oil on canvas 24 x 24″ by Margie Guyot

Sometimes I dance around a problem, doing all kinds of “lesser” tasks first. I’ll know the freezer needs defrosting, yet I’ll find myself dusting cobwebs in the bedroom, followed by doing laundry, then pulling weeds. Anything to avoid dealing with the damned freezer! It was kind of like that with this painting. Maybe because it was so difficult. I had to take detours. I raked the lawn. Tried a new recipe. Visited the library. Yesterday I knew this painting was nearly done, yet I spent more than half the day assembling (or trying to assemble) a new deck chair. The “Egg’s” dimensions weren’t exactly lining up so I had to drag it back to the store in town to let them assemble it. Good luck with that, guys! Then I cruised the junk shop. Got a quarter-pounder. Bought bananas. Came home and framed paintings for the “Portraits of Whimsey” show. Finally I turned around and looked at this painting. Sighing, I picked up a brush. Just a few things needed touching up and voila — it’s done!

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  1. Margie your ability to paint intricate patterns, shadows, like the peach sari, to me you are a genius with a brush!!! So enjoy your work.


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