Gimme Lotsa Red!

“Gimme Lotsa Red!” — oil on canvas 24 x 24″ by Margie Guyot

Occasionally I like to take a break from freezing my face off, painting winter plein air landscapes. Winters last forever up here. If I didn’t have 3 cats, I’d probably fly to South America. Sometimes I hole up in my studio and paint flowers. Lately it’s been roses. Then last week I spied tulips. Be still, my heart!

I’m fascinated with the twists and contortions of the leaves. Such a welcome change from all those rose petals! I worked the entire first day drawing in the leaves because I knew the next day everything would be different. Tulips are notorious for “growing” overnight. And they did. The next day I had to trim back the stems a couple inches. And the blooms had all curved around towards the light.

The red & blue cloth was purposely skewed. I love things cockeyed! Maybe people with OCD will find it disturbing, but it’s a warped world anyway, is it not?

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