“Needs More Cowbell”

“Needs More Cowbell” — oil on canvas 24 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

I started this a week ago, after picking up some gorgeous yellow roses at Petals Florist in Charlevoix. I think the variety might be one of the David Austin English roses. Very pretty, but a nightmare to paint! Egads — all those petals! And the Indian corn — I’d bought that last fall at King Orchards (on M-88). The corn they had on display was far too pristine! The husks all had been carefully peeled back. When I complained (nicely as possible!) to the owner, she said, “just drive over to the field and pick what you want”. Thank goodness I still had them to use in this painting! Here’s how things looked like at the end of the first day. A rather daunting sight:

Day 1 — sad, sad!

This is February in northern Michigan. We’re in the thick of winter, bedeviled by polar vortexes, lake-effect snows, white-outs, etc. Alas, no gardening. No weeds to pull. Menial tasks are just the thing to clear my head. When I get stuck on a painting, I throw on my coat and grab the shovel. When I return, I see an answer. There are always paths from the house to the studio, to the 2 garages, the compost pile and bird feeders. Plus the mailbox. All require daily attention. Here’s a view of the snow mound right next to the studio:

This is the one pile I don’t shovel.

Have you ever seen a painting and could almost hear it? The first time I ever noticed that sensation was years ago, out West, in an art gallery. There was a beautiful landscape of trees along a stream, painted by Clyde Aspevig. I could almost hear the sound of wind in those trees! When painting this one, there was something about the colors and composition that made me giggle. I heard faint snatches of Mexican/South American music. Hence –“Needs More Cowbell”.

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