Day 4 — Chocolates & Pie!

How to paint a box of chocolates — when there is none….

Thanks to a brilliant comment yesterday from Vicki, who suggested adding some chocolates with the little wrappers! This space was empty. I didn’t know what to put there, but I knew an idea would come. To go buy an actual box would have been a 32 mile roundtrip – at least. No thanks! Instead, I grabbed a small stretched canvas and held it next to the work-in-progress to get an idea for placement. And to get an idea of perspective and distortion. Lord knows I’ve seen my share of boxed chocolates over the years (most of them disappointing!). So I just invented them. They still need a few little sprinkles here and there.

But don’t forget the pie!

Hmmm…. what kind of pie would look the best with lavender roses? Artistically, lemon pie, of course! The store-bought ones are hideous. And I certainly didn’t feel like baking one, so I invented these. Yeah, I’ve seen hundreds of them, too, over the years.

The end of Day 4. Had to quit about 4 PM when the light grew too dim.

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