Shadynook Road – Looking South

Blazing sun! Melting Snow! Almost bikini weather! I’d thrown my painting gear into the truck and stopped at King Orchards to buy another bag of “deer apples”, (a.k.a. “possum apples”). I love possums. Nature’s garbage trucks. Children of the night. But don’t get me started.

Continuing south on M-88, I veered off onto Shadynook Road. Kind of an interesting neighborhood here. Beyond those trees on the left, a farmer keeps llamas (or alpacas?). The farmer beyond him has a fascinating collection of ancient trucks in the front yard. I just might have to stop in and ask if he’d let me do a painting. To the right of where I parked to do this painting, out of view, was a giant field of Indian corn and pumpkins last fall. King Orchards let me drive out there, wander around and pick whatever I wanted, then come back and pay.

After Ford closed my plant back in 2007, I’d considered moving to New Zealand, but after seeing this area, I knew I’d found home. Wherever you look, there’s a painting! Besides — I had way too much crap to move to New Zealand….

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