Day 3….

How things look at the end of Day 3…..

A great day to stay home and plug away in the studio! Very dark, cloudy skies and a temperature hovering right above freezing. Wild turkeys strolling around in the yard; a young possum chawing on fallen birdseed. Chickadees and nuthatches doing their best to empty out the birdfeeder twice a day. I did venture out at one point to the corner store to buy an Almond Joy bar — not to eat but to use it as a prop. Flying piggie has it in his mouth as he leaps out the window.

I wanted to include an orchid cactus, but none of mine are in bloom at the moment. Last spring I did a painting of one, so I pulled it off the wall and an using it as a reference. The snarling monster head in the back is Horace-the-Werewolf, a huge, motorized Halloween creature that’s at the top of the stairs in my house.  He howls, his head bobs up and down and his eyes glow red. He has to stay unplugged or my cats would never go upstairs again. I’m painting him from memory because he is way too heavy and bulky for me to move out to the studio..

It’s kind of fun to paint these surreal pieces. It’s almost like suddenly realizing you’re living in some kind of wild movie. Usually I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, seeing something new that needs to be added.  And no, I don’t take drugs!

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