Beach Disaster – yes, again!

Ice chunks on lake 8x10

Here is another plein air painting from the beach at Antrim Natural Area. I’d hiked down to this spot to paint the huge chunks of ice along the shoreline. Being a newbie to lake-living, I found them amazing!  It almost looked like some kind of giant symphony: big, rumbling ice blocks growling in deep, dark bass tones, snow sawing fervently away like a violin section, the sweet pink sky fluting sweetly in the distance — shattered by sudden clanging of passing dark clouds! Sometimes you can hear a painting, can’t you?

I probably painted this in early winter (December?) because there were no pyramids yet. Later in winter, giant ice pileups line the shoreline, caused by heavy winds and giant waves. Pyramids are a lot of fun to paint, too — but that’s another story.

And what about this “beach disaster”? Here’s another photo, taken in better light:

ice chunks on lake sandy 8x10

I found this while sorting through old painting studies yesterday. Strong gusts of winds rip wet oil paintings out of unsuspecting artists’ hands, flopping them face-down in the sand! It’s a cruel world. I suppose if I ever run out of sandpaper, this might do in a pinch.

Oil on birch panel 8×10″ by Margie Guyot

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