2nd Street — Norwood, MI

2 14 18 2nd St Norwood 8x10

Here we are, right in downtown Norwood, Michigan, looking down 2nd Street. Painted on Valentine’s Day to show you how the whole town celebrates. Ha ha! It was actually quite an exciting view for me: the sun was out! It’s always fascinating to us painters because the shadows are so blue. And the snow isn’t just “white”, but more of a warm violet tone.  I love the dark dirt chunks in the road, don’t you? Almost like a kind of anchor at your feet while the tire track patterns pull you down the road. Another wonderful thing about living up here is that it’s the kind of place where I can set up and paint right on the road and nobody complains! Plein air field study in oil on 8×10″ birch panel by Margie Guyot.

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