Winter – Mitchell Road

2 15 18 Mitchell Road 8x16

“Oh, what a slippery slope….” Mitchell Road is one of our “seasonal roads”, meaning it’s unplowed by the county road commission.  Drive at your own risk! Still, traces of adventurous types abound, roaring up slippery slopes with apparent glee. I parked my 4WD truck at this spot at the corner of Bennett Hill Road to paint this view looking south. This is one of my favorite places to paint, in all seasons, all times of the day. Painted en plein air (in the open air, as opposed to copying from a photo inside a warm studio). Oil on birch panel, 8×16″ by Margie Guyot. PS – no, I did NOT go down that road.

1 Comment

  1. Now, see, that’s the difference between us. I have a bad habit of going down those roads. So I end up spending a lot more time digging myself out of the ditch than writing the story I’m chasing.


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